The best sports bra for your cup size

It is common sense for women to wear bra weather you are doing exercise, gardening or just doing your regular chores in the house. You will definitely feel very comfortable when wearing bra that fits your cup size perfectly well. Bras generally prevent uncomfortable and sometimes painful bouncing whenever women engage in their daily activities. There are different types and sizes of bra available in the market today, for you to get the right one here are things you should consider.

A-B Cup sizes

If your breast fall under this category then you should go for halter-style fitness bra. This type of bra is better suited for women with small sizes of breasts. They have a sexy appeal yet very functional despite the extra skin it allows to show. This type of bra is very popular among athletes and is available in different colors.

B-C cup sizes

Women whose breast size are consider B and C sizes should go for compression bras. These type of bra provides contour on your breast without causing flattening. They also provide maximum support for you to carry out any sporting activity. If you opt for this bra then consider those that are light in weight to avoid sweating.

D-D cup sizes

Large - busted women incur a lot of challenges when looking for the right sports bra. Bras with crossed back are the best as they have crossed straps at the back that provide added support to the large busts. Bras that have venting material are also ideal for women with large bursts. The best thing is that they provide extreme level of support and the material used is light in weight with vents hence you won't feel the heat even when you are bound up in the bra.

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